Keep fresh air in your home

  • Is your home clean air ?....
  • Do you have itching of the nose, shortness of breath and trouble breathing?
  • do you keep dogs, cats and pets at home?
  • There are smokers in the house you?

Then you should use this

Air sanitizer kit includes one Classic dispenser and two 30-day Ozium 3000 metered air sanitizer refills. Attacks and reduces airborne bacteria and virus particles with the proven OZIUM formula.

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Germ Guardian Plug-In UV-C Room Air Sanitizer - GG1000

Whisper-quiet.Never needs a filter. Kills 99.9% of targeted airborne germs. Destroys odors allergens and mold spores. Rotating wall plug for various wall configurations. Helps stop the spread of airborne germs and kills odor. Works in any size room-great for bathrooms kitchens and bedrooms.

Product Features
*Germ Guardian
*Plug In Room Sanitizer,
*Uses UVC Light Technology Natural Way To Kill Germs Without The Use Of Chemicals,
*Produces No Ozone
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Air Pollution; The Factors

need protection?

Air pollution can be defined as the availability of gas, liquid or particles contained in the air until the change and affect the life or other materials. These materials suspended in the air and give a negative impact on humans, plants and animals.

This is because these materials will enter the body through breathing and can block the flow of oxygen into the blood vessels. This can cause various diseases such as cancers, asthma, convulsions and anemia.

Dust, smoke, mist, vapor or other substances that can ruin our sights are examples of air pollution.

Types of Pollutants

Among the types of pollutants are as follows:
* Sulfur dioxide
* Carbon monoxide
* Nitrogen dioxide and ozone
* Allergen
* Lead and other metals